My philosophy

Early in my life I discovered the power of flora, the power of essence. With a strong pull towards empowering personal transformation and a love of skincare, I found my sweet spot, my passion, my soul work in the world as an aesthetician.
I've worked in many capacities in this field and I've always found my way back to holistic, heart centered skincare. In my search to be a comprehensive aesthetician, I've explored and educated myself extensively, in alignment with my core holistic skincare beliefs, to be the best and to do the best in this field.

Organic, pure, and unadulterated nourishment is my number one concern. Farm to Face. Fresh as possible, responsibly sourced. I absolutely need the energy of a product to speak, to express and create with me. In this way, I partner with the bounties of our planet to touch the bounty of your being and bring it into a greater and expanded experience of life.

My focus is rejuvenation not only for the face, but of the Soul: Soul intimacy with and for my clients. Our skincare routines are Rituals. They are opportunities to bridge where we are with who we are - facilitating this dance between people and planet is my deepest joy and longing.